Friday, January 29, 2010

upholstery part 1: undoing it all

Step 1: Take the upholstery apart in the order it was put together. From what I gather, it's usually the same order - the stuff on the bottom of the chair, outside back, outside arms, inside back, inside arms and the seat. Remove all the stray staple bits that are poking out or hammer them flat.

Step 2: Inspect the springs and chair for necessary repairs. Everything looked in good shape on my chair. I think.

Mark the fabric pieces as you take them off so you know which pieces go where later.

Take pictures and notes of everything you do so you don't forget how something goes back together later.

Supplies needed:
  • Something to remove the staples and tacks. I used a screwdriver and needle nose pliers but I'm sure the special tools for upholstering work much better. I'm just too cheap to buy something I probably won't use again.
  • Digital camera to take pictures of all the little details you want to remember for when you put the chair back together

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