Thursday, October 23, 2008

Projects finished...

We still need to hang crown molding and pictures and get things sorted out, but this is a huge improvement over the old dance room.

Family room
The family room took us over a year to finish because we got sick of dealing with it and started another huge project. We tore down a closet and another wall, put up new drywall, painted the trim white, got a new door, put new tile by the door and who knows what else. It's finally done! Woohoo!

Before... (I forgot to take an official before picture so I had to use the MLS one with the seller's furniture)

During: I got bored waiting for mud to dry one day so I painted a little mural.


This is the other side of the room before:

...and after! My father-in-law built the black cabinet to hide the electrical panel. The couch hidden in the back is my dog's couch. Yep, she's spoiled.

That pretty door does go to the paver patio that we spent the previous summer putting in.

I've never worked so hard on something before in my life. The patio literally took us most weekends and evenings of an entire summer to finish. We started Memorial day weekend and finished just in time for a Labor Day BBQ.
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