Saturday, February 12, 2011

shoe dresser

Our entry from the garage to the kitchen is small.  Tiny, actually, when you consider all of the functions that fit into a 5' x 3' area....entryway, shoe and coat storage, trash can area and the dog food/water bowl area.  It's also right next to the stairs.  We used to store our shoes on the floor, all piled up and pushed against the wall.  This didn't work for several reasons, but mainly because the shoes on the bottom would get gross from the snow and dirt on the top shoes.  Oh yeah, and there's the minor problem that we would sometimes trip over shoes when we went downstairs.

Enter the fabulous Ana White formerly of Knock-off Wood and her ingenious shoe dresser.  It was love at first sight.  I didn't even have to convince my husband, and he's not a fan of extra work.

  I made bin liners from oil cloth so protect the dresser from wet winter shoes.
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