Saturday, January 23, 2010

a simple kitchen valance

Aside from yarn, painting is my biggest weakness. In the three years we've lived here, I have painted almost every room at least twice - some three times. The painting bug bit last week and the kitchen was calling my name. Of course, I needed a valance to go with the new colors.

Fabric: the top half is Amy Butler Belle Duck Egg / Seeds and the bottom strip is Amy Butler Lotus cherry/full moon polka dot from Crafty Planet.

I followed this tutorial for the fabric flower and used a regular button instead of a fabric button.

Here is the kitchen with a fresh coat of paint, the new valance and our Flor carpet tiles in House Pet by the door. The carpet tiles were my crazy inspiration - they look like fresh green grass so I wanted to keep the paint fresh and summery.

The paint is AFM Safecoat no-VOC from the Natural Built Home Store which I highly recommend. I've used Sherwin Williams' no-VOC paint and I much prefer the Safecoat brand. It went on really well and there was virtually no smell. I used Netti (yellow) and Morning (green) mixed with a good amount of white to mellow the colors down a little.

Like most of the house, this room is a work in progress. We really need to stain the window - it has only been 3 years since we had it installed - and get a new door. I'd love to get new cabinets, counter tops and appliances but that won't happen since we're hoping to move in a couple years.

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